The TFP Process

The TFP Process

Custom-tailored programs for every client.


Our process starts with gathering information to understand you, and then is followed by collaborative meetings and ongoing efforts to keep you fully informed of your progress.

We ask a lot questions. Some investment related but others are life-focussed. All part of long-term financial planning and demonstrates our holistic approach to your future. We need to know where you’ve been, where you are now and where you ultimately want to go; defining in specific terms the life you want to live. Then we craft a custom plan to help you achieve it.

To facilitate this process, we’ve developed five investment questions, followed by six readiness questions. While these topics can’t address everything, they offer a comprehensive starting point and give prospective clients insight into how we think and what we’ll do, before they engage us.



Advisor on Phone

  • How are your investments doing?
    You deserve solid returns with acceptable risk. We take stock of where you are now.
  • How much income will you need?
    The right investment strategy could get you there, after tax and inflation, to live the life you envision.
  • What about your tax advantage accounts?
    (RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSA and RESPs?) This helps us to better understand your needs and withdraw funds with the least possible tax.
  • Do you have an Estate Plan?
    It makes great sense and offers real peace of mind to safeguard your financial legacy for loved ones.
  • Do you have a Tax Strategy?
    A simple, common sense step can mean so much. Don’t default what’s within your power to control.


As you begin planning your financial future, it’s helpful to define the areas that matter most. We’ve developed six questions to ask yourself to begin this important process. Why is this so important? Because if you don’t plan, the government plans for you.


  • Is my current income tax level acceptable?
    Are strategies in place to cut my current and future taxes? Are my investments tax-efficient?
  • Will I have enough for retirement?
    Where will the money come from? Are return expectations realistic? What about RRSP tax-efficiency?
  • Are my investments right for me?
    Do I have an investment policy? Am I diversified? Will I be able to stay ahead of taxes and inflation?
  • Is my family protected without me?
    Am I protected if I get hurt? Do I have adequate Life and Disability coverage?
  • Will taxes jeopardize my family legacy?
    Could half of my estate go to pay income taxes? Where will my family get the money they need if I’m no longer here?
  • How well am I doing? Really?
    How has each investment performed? Overall, how well have I done? What’s my cost base for tax purposes?



    • Initial Discovery Meeting
      To get to know each other and see if we have a fit. We’ll ask the right questions, but you’ll find we’re even better listeners. With your goals defined, we get to work.
    • Plan Presentation Meeting
      We present the strategy designed to help you achieve your goals. Options and all associated costs are disclosed before getting started, without any cost or obligation on your part.
    • Moving Forward Meetings
      Should you engage us, we’ll meet / talk regularly. Statements keep you informed with updated performance, and we’ll always be vigilant to keep you on track. You can always check on your portfolio through our website.