Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Together we define the best plan for you



Our highest priority is to protect your capital at all times and in most markets. Equally as critical is for you to know what we’re doing, confident that your wishes are followed.

We’ve learned that nothing is more beneficial than getting what’s more important down in writing. To that end, we feature two simple and effective tools to accomplish it.

Your confidential Investment Policy Statement Questionnaire defines your needs.

Nothing is pulled out of thin air. We’ve developed an amazingly powerful tool to assist you and your Portfolio Manager to get to know each other. A confidential questionnaire asks the right questions. After analysing your responses we prepare recommendations. We act when you and your portfolio manager have agreed upon benchmarks for success.

Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is the roadmap.

This is a brief statement that determines your individual investing comfort zone: the reward (the rate of return you’re seeking) and your tolerance for risk (the fluctuation in portfolio value). The IPS defines which types of investments, and how much of each, are right for you, and does that clearly and transparently.

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It’s always about you. If circumstances change, your IPS can be updated at any time.

We never fail to plan for uncertain and turbulent times.

Painful lessons were learned during the 2007 -2009 financial crisis. Many companies failed, and too many investors lost much of what they’d worked all their lives for. TFP clients fared better thanks to our conservative, pro-active approach. It’s always been our way, but we present it in writing to affirm its importance and value.

  1. A written Investment Policy Statement. Our IPS guides future decisions, framing a calm, thoughtful strategic response to uncertain markets.
  2. Risk transparency is simply essential. To us this is a requirement in building the right portfolio for an investor: one that factors in personal as well as financial factors.
  3. Incorporating diversification and minimizing fees. We follow a strategic asset allocation methodology and keep holdings to a reasonable number to keep costs down.
  4. We aim to buy great companies at reasonable prices. Our emphasis is on sound fundamentals coupled with technical analysis for entry and exit. We aren’t trendy, and our objective is to protect your wealth in most markets.
  5. We avoid over-trading. It’s not in your best interests and the transaction costs could erode your returns. A long-term buy and hold strategy is our alternative approach.

We follow the CFA’s Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct and the Financial Planning Standards Council’s Standards of Professional Responsibility.