Our Company

Our Company

TFP: We’re different by design.



No commissions and never an investment conflict of interest.

TFP is a registered portfolio management firm serving clients throughout Canada. Our principal custodian for client funds is National Bank Independent Network Inc.

We offer a broad range of investment options, but our focus is to sell advice, not products. We’re fee-based, not commissions based; and because we aren’t commission or transaction oriented there is never a conflict of interest. A flat, tax-deductible fee is charged to manage portfolios based upon their total market value, calculated and paid monthly.

Custom-crafted investing tailored to individual client needs.

At TFP, Full-Service means more than the broadest range of investment products; it’s our philosophy and our process. So we don’t offer templates or one-size-can’t-possibly-fit-all solutions, but weigh a world of investment choices. These include Treasury bills, GICs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, limited partnerships, IPOs and more.


Your program will include what is right for you, not what others may want to sell to you.

Taking the time to understand where you want to go.

No two investors are alike. People with young families have different priorities than older investors approaching retirement or already enjoying the fruits of what they’ve earned. A wide range of factors further differentiates investors, including family situations, marital status, asset development, business succession, short-term challenges, and anticipated future needs that may be ever-changing, as well as individual investor risk tolerance.

Our priority is you and your future, not commissions.

It’s true: we’re totally fee-based and will never charge a commission. Even more critically, unlike many investment advisors or mutual fund salesman, we’ll never be swayed in the investment decisions we make by the seductive allure of a commission. We’re collaborative partners with clients in building a better future. At the root of that are transparent, trust-based investing practices.

Mission Statement

  • To help our clients accumulate and preserve their wealth while managing the risk they undertake.
  • To always look for opportunities, while emphasizing downside protection.
  • To keep our word.  To act with honesty and integrity in all our relationships.
  • To treat clients, associates, employees and suppliers with respect.