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Investwell's Quarterly Newsletter: The Advisor

David A. Jones writes a quarterly newsletter, The Advisor. Below is the most recent issue. Issues going back to 2021 are available using the buttons at the bottom of the page. Issues older than 2021 are available on The Advisor Archives tab of this page.

The Advisor, Summer 2022: Is the Worst Over?

What a first half it’s been for capital markets! Global equity and debt capital markets have lost a cumulative $31 trillion. The main American index, the S&P500, is down 20% from its high, the Nasdaq, where tech darlings are listed, is down 30%, and bonds have experienced their worst episode since 1994. Many investors are wondering if the worst is over.

Markets deal with the allocation of capital. When the markets are function-ing effectively, they allocate capital efficiently based on the associated risks at the right price. When they don’t work – because of crises, shocks, or distortions – there are consequences.

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