David Jones - Portfolio Manager

TFP: Transparency and No Commissions

Investment Advice without hidden fees or a hidden agenda.

The question most asked of investors is how are you doing? We’ll ask you another question we think is far more to the point:  How is your Investment Advisor doing? 

The real binding thread linking investors of all kinds today is a growing crisis of confidence about the quality and the cost of the investment advice they’re getting and their inability to fully understand what they’re paying for.  A deluge of recent industry studies and media reports suggest that a majority of Canadians are paying absurdly high fees, and they don’t begin to understand them as their advisors earn lofty commissions by pushing investments with prohibitive, often hidden fees.

At TFP we eliminated this problem years ago.  Instead of constantly trading and churning clients’ accounts as some brokers do, we replaced commissions with flat-fees, full disclosure, resources like no one else, and access to a members-only website so our clients can see how they’re doing On-Demand, 24/7/365.

No extra fees, no commission-driven agenda, but common sense benefits that put clients first.   Things you might not expect, but we think you deserve.

  • Regular updates about latest market trends and investing strategies.
  • Investor Resources on a members-only website with 24/7/365 access.
  • Quarterly reports and The Advisor
  • Superior Customer Service. Call or email, we’ll answer and respond back quickly.
  • A Free, No-Obligation Consultation to ensure we’re a mutual fit.
  • And what no one else offers: A Full-Fee-Back Guarantee, if after joining us, six months later you’re not satisfied.

Tamara Chin TFPWe’ll earn your trust – and your confidence – with transparent processes, honest advice without a commission-driven agenda, superior service, resources designed for your needs and convenience, and a common sense, client-centric approach you’ll find refreshing.

At TFP, we think you should get more, pay less and look upon your financial advisor as a trusted advisor.  That begins with an approach you can believe in, flat-fees you understand, and peace-of-mind that your investment strategy is tailored to your goals, preferences and risk tolerance.

It’s time to stop paying too much for too little.

Reach out with an email or a phone and get the conversation started. We look forward to talking with you.

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