The TFP Team

Maggie Phillips – Office Manager

Portfolio management companies and their advisors’ successes rest on three legs. One is rate of return. If you do not earn a rate of return that suits your risk tolerance and your goals, you may make a change.

Another leg is relationship. If your advisor doesn’t care about you or your investments and what is going on in your life, you may change.

Finally, servicing your account is key. Mistakes happen. How well are they handled? How are the little things dealt with? Do you feel well taken care of in your relationship with your advisor?

Our family of clients have been with us for decades. We aim to take care of them with reasonable rates of return tailored to their risk tolerances, with warm relationships, and with high-quality service.

Maggie Phillips, our Office Manager, has over 10 years of client service and professional administrative experience. Maggie thrives on challenges, excels in any environment, and fosters relationships that tremendously benefit our company. She is professional, personable and has an outstanding ability to conquer any obstacle in her way.  

Her positive attitude and professionalism is a fundamental asset for our clients and for the office.

We feel very lucky to have Maggie looking after our family of clients.