The TFP Team

Tamara Chin TFP

Tamara Chin – (Administration)

Investment companies and their advisors’ successes rest on three legs. One is rate of return. If you do not earn a rate of return that suits your risk tolerance and your goals, you may make a change.

Another is relationship. If your advisor doesn’t care about you or your investments and what is going on in your life, you may change.

Finally, servicing your account is key. Mistakes happen. How well are they handled? How are the little things dealt with? Do you feel well taken care of in your relationship with your advisor?

Our family of clients have been with us for decades. We take care of them with reasonable rates of return tailored to their risk tolerances, warm relationships and high quality service.

Tamara Chin is hugely successful with anticipating client needs. Tamara has solutions in place almost before there is a problem or when there is a need to be filled.

Current fashion has people label their strengths on the internet as ‘super powers’. Tamara’s super powers are client service and relationship extraordinaire There is a heck of a lot of paperwork and forms to file with several regulatory bodies. The mark of excellence is that clients almost never see any of the service work she handles on their behalf.

Clients feel a reassuring level of comfort that Tamara has their best interests at heart.

We are very lucky to have Tamara looking after our family of clients and us.