The TFP Team

Our Advisors

The TFP Advisors are different by design.

Our Advisors’ priorities are you and your future, never commissions. We’re totally fee-based, unlike too many investment advisors or mutual fund salesman who make investment decissions based on commissions.

At the root of our Advisors decissions are transparent, trust-based investing practices. We’re collaborative partners with clients in building a better future – creating custom strategies for each client to achieve their goals.

For TFP Advisors, Full-Service means more than the broadest range of investment products it’s our philosophy and our process. So we don’t offer templates or one-size-can’t-possibly-fit-all solutions, but weigh a world of investment choices. These include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, limited partnerships, IPOs, RRSPs and more.

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