Our Custodian

Our Custodian: National Bank Independent Network Inc.

At TFP Investment Counsel, we are dedicated to ensuring the security and protection of your investments. Our partnership with National Bank Independent Network Inc. (NBIN), a subsidiary of National Bank of Canada, serves as the cornerstone of this commitment.

NBIN, our trusted custodian, not only holds your assets at arm’s length but also records your interests. This meticulous approach to asset custody ensures the highest level of transparency and accountability.

Moreover, as a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) and regulated by the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization, NBIN offers an additional layer of protection for your investments, safeguarding them against potential defaults.

Your assets are not physically held by us; they are securely held by NBIN in a segregated account within their books maximizing the protection of your assets, securities, and records. This allows us to focus on our core mission of providing you with reasonable returns according to your risk tolerance.

We encourage you to review the detailed terms and conditions outlined in the Accounts and Services Agreement and Disclosures from NBIN for an understanding of our custodial arrangement and of the fees they charge: